Tuesday, June 30, 2009

High Carb Foods And Heart Attacks

A very interesting new study's results were just released. From The Medical News:
It has been commonly known for a number of years that certain foods, such as white bread and corn flakes, are bad for cardiac health, but new research from Israeli scientists shows just how 'high carb' foods cause heart attacks. The researchers at Tel Aviv University have carried out a study which shows exactly how high carb foods increase the risk for heart problems - Dr Michael Shechter of Tel Aviv University's Sackler School of Medicine and the Heart Institute of Sheba Medical Center working in collaboration with the Endocrinology Institute "looked inside" the arteries of students as they were eating a variety of foods...

...The results were apparently quite dramatic - before any of the patients ate, arterial function was essentially the same - but after eating, except for the placebo group, all had reduced functioning and enormous peaks indicating arterial stress were found in the high glycemic index groups: the cornflakes and sugar group.

Dr Shechter says though they already knew high glycemic foods were bad for the heart, they now have a mechanism that shows just how and foods such as cornflakes, white bread, french fries, and sweetened soda all put undue stress on the arteries.

He says they have explained for the first time how high glycemic carbs can affect the progression of heart disease because during the consumption of foods high in sugar, there appears to be a temporary and sudden dysfunction in the endothelial walls of the arteries.

Endothelial health can be traced back to almost every disorder and disease in the body and Dr Shechter says it is "the riskiest of the risk factors"...

Read the whole thing. You'll be glad you did.