Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Coffee And Bad Breath

Did you know there is an organization named, "The International Society for Breath Odor Research." Neither did I. Their meetings must be really fun and exciting. Read on.

From Live Science:
An extract from coffee can inhibit the bacteria that lead to bad breath, scientists have discovered.
The extract prevents malodorous bacteria from making their presence felt — or smelt.
"Everybody thinks that coffee causes bad breath," said Tel Aviv University breath specialist Mel Rosenberg, "and it's often true, because coffee, which has a dehydrating effect in the mouth, becomes potent when mixed with milk, and can ferment into smelly substances."
But not always. Rosenberg and colleagues monitored the bacterial odor production of coffee in saliva.
"Contrary to our expectations, we found some components in coffee that actually inhibit bad breath," Rosenberg said...
Continue to read the whole article if you really care.