Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Beer-Teriyaki Marinated Pork Chops

Ever since I've been a teenager, I've loved just about anything grilled with a teriyaki sauce.

This pork chop recipe is one of my very favorites.  It has evolved from a recipe appearing in (sadly now defunct) Gourmet magazine back in 1993. They used apple cider vinegar in their version. I think substituting unseasoned rice vinegar gives the pork a cleaner, brighter flavor. Also, I now rely on a instant read digital thermometer to determine the doneness of the pork. They're available for under $10 and there's just no excuse not to own one.

Monday, I bought a couple of locally and naturally raised, bone-in, center cut pork chops at Whole Foods. Besides the fact that the pigs are treated humanely, these chops taste a lot better than industrially raised pork and to me are well worth the extra money. I think bone-in chops taste better than boneless. Also, classy fellow that I am, I just like chewing on the bone.

Anyway, I marinated the chops overnight, turned them once first thing Tuesday morning, and embarked on a busy day knowing a good dinner was going to happen with not much more work involved. All that was left to do besides actually grilling the chops was to make a quick and easy (I'll post the recipe soon) soba noodle salad. I knocked that off in little more than the 20 minutes it took to preheat the gas grill. Then, with a nice glass of cool white wine in hand, I grilled the chops. Dinner was delicious.

Regarding the beverage choices: the wines mentioned in my Jerk Pork Chop post would all work well here. So would a dry sake if you're so inclined--as would a Japanese beer.

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