Thursday, May 14, 2009

Breakfast Was Good (Jerk Pork Chops and Jamaican Rice With Pigeon Peas)

This morning I warmed up some leftover Jamaican Rice and Pigeon Peas to go with my eggs. Lots of habaneros in there to help fire me up for the day. I originally made the rice Tuesday evening as the single accompaniment to grilled jerk pork chops. Try them both for a nice Caribbean dinner with friends.

Serve some Red Stripe Jamaican beer if you're so inclined--or a bottle of chilled white wine. La Vieille Ferme is relatively cheap ($8-9) these days and pairs nicely. If you want to splurge, Louis Jadot's Macon-Villages ($12-14) is wonderful with this dinner. If you just want a lot of decent, fun wine to swill enjoy with your friends while you're talking, grilling, and eating--get a box of Bota Box Chardonnay ($16-18 for 3 liters) and make sure it's been in the fridge long enough to get good and cold.

Update 7/1/09: Original title changed from "Breakfast Was Good" to make the recipes easier to find on the blog now that there is a LOT more content than there was when the post was originally published.

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